PayExpress information


PayExpress – a service for instant payment!

We believe that receiving your money instantly should be easy. Therefore, Ework have created a simple service allowing you to always receive your money instantly, regardless of clients’ payment terms or administration processes. 

Instant payment

PayExpress is a tailormade service for our consultants! 

You will receive your money upfront, regardless of the payment terms at the end client, which usually ranges from 30 days to 120 days. 

The purpose of PayExpress is to help make your life easier. You free capital, while reducing your administrative burden, thus letting you focus on your core business. In addition, with faster payment comes greater flexibility, and as an Ework consultant with PayExpress, you employ a payment service that puts you in control. 

Simple, convenient & fast

We believe that receiving your money fast should be simple. That is why we do not require any credit information from you to activate PayExpress. You simply submit your time report, which Ework verifies and approves. Usually – no more than three days later you have the money on your account – it’s that simple. 

Activate PayExpress

Independent contractors

For consultants who sign their own Assignment Agreements (and in which SelfBilling is applicable), it’s possible to activate PayExpress on the contract by simply notifying Ework Support, support@eworkgroup.com, and it can always be deactivated if desired. In the event of only wanting PayExpress for a single invoice, activation is possible by checking a box when submitting the time sheet in Ework Time. 

Consultant managers

Consultant managers can choose to active PayExpress on as many contracts as desired. The most convenient way is by contacting Ework Support, support@eworkgroup.com. 


30 days payment arrangement from end client:

On contract: 2,5% of invoiced amount, 

On specific time report in Ework Time: 2,7% of invoiced amount 

More than 30 days payment arrangement from end client:

On contract: 3,2% of invoiced amount, On specific time report in Ework Time: 3,4% of invoiced amount.