Report time in Ework Time


Log in to Ework time. Press here if you are missing your login details.

Choose the correct month and press on the “REPORT”-button to initiate your time report.

You will now be asked to choose period type. This is not always optional. In some cases it is already pre-chosen for you due to the client's rules.

Now you can start adding your hours. Remember that you should only add hours which you have worked and not hours you have been ascent. Make sure that you put in the correct amount of hours under the correct date, and that you choose “Normal” under time type.

If you want to, or are required by the client, you can write a comment in the box “Activity”. In some cases, consultants are required to specify their hours. Press on the “SAVE”-button at the bottom of the page when you are done.

To add an extra row in your time report, fill in both fields with hours and press “SAVE”. A new “row” will appear automatically.

If you want to report another time type such as overtime or travel time, please press here.

Press here to see how you report expenses.

In order for Ework to create a Self billing and start the invoicing process, you need to Submit your time report to Ework. It is not possible for Ework to start the invoicing process if the timereport still has the status “In progress”. The timereport can be adjusted as long as the status is “In progress”.

To send in your time report, click on “SUBMIT TIME REPORT”.

You will now be moved to a new page where you can see a summary of your reported hours and expenses. If you want to, you can enter your own reference number which will be visible on the Self billing invoice.

The next step is checking the three boxes, read the text before you do so. Some consultants, can choose to use Pay Express. The final step is pressing the “SUBMIT TIME REPORT TO EWORK”-button at the bottom of the page. After doing this, you will see that the status of the time report has been changed to “SUBMITTED”. This is correct and the time report will now be approved and invoiced.